Reiki by Jean Bessent

 Master Jean Bessent
     My name is Jean Bessent.  I began studying the healing art of Reiki in 2008.  I came to Reiki because I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and an elbow replacement that made massage and other types body work impossible and painful for me.  Reiki is healing energy transmitted to the client through an attuned practitioner's palm chakras when his or her hands are placed lightly on the body.  I believe Reiki is beneficial for all illness, injuries and anxiety.  Reiki is very healing, harmonizing and balancing.  It is an essential and beneficial part of my disease management and treatment.  Reiki also comforts and reduces my aches and pains from  leading a physically active lifestyle.
    My own healing experience gives me a unique perspective of being both healer and patient.  I share that perspective and knowledge with my private clients. 
   I offer group healing nights for practitioners, client treatments, and Reiki I and II group classes.
   In addition to my private practice I work with the Reiki Centers of Austin and San Marcos.  

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